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Quality Control

Food Quality Control

A message from our Chief Executive.

Dear Food Industry professional,

Cakevan endeavours to consistently produce excellent quality cakes, desserts and savoury items from high quality ingredients.

Our family has owned and operated the business for many years. We cater for retail and wholesale trade, (corporate, cafes, restaurants, hotel & caterers). So our recipes are designed for the cakes ability to give up the last slice in good condition, but primarily to meet the appeal to the tastebuds.

We believe that people do come back for that fine, mouth-watering taste that you can only get from coverture chocolate, fresh dairy products, fresh eggs and fresh fruits.

So our fruity cakes are rich with real fruit to give them fibre, body and moisture keeping qualities. We use fresh real dairy products and fresh real fruit and nuts.

All of our cheesecakes are baked, with real neufchatel cheese.

Our delivery vans are all refrigerated/insulated to get our products to you in their best condition. Our HACCP program has recently been upgraded to include our new savoury kitchen. Contact me direct for copies of our current certification if required.

I am constantly reviewing our products and procedures and testing new cake recipes.

I will NOT compromise on quality.

If you have not tried our products, I invite you too.


George Efremidis
Managing Director

Good Cakes – Great Taste – Excellent Value